G-Star RAW Heren E Utility Mesh Vest Zwart

  • G-Star RAW Heren E Utility Mesh Vest Zwart
G-Star RAW
€ 199,95
G-Star RAW Jassen & blazers This semi-transparent vest is reinforced with woven tapes at all the raw edges. Offering a wider herringbone tape at the back that is covered with a looped tool tape. This E Utility Mesh vest is part of the Exclusives collection, where timeless design creates unique pieces. It has four roomy flap pockets with a woven tab and Velcro closure. Also those edges are reinforced with tape. An A-shape woven tape construction is added to the inside. This sleeveless jacket has a zipper closure with woven tape straps at the top and bottom. Round neck- binding,Sleeveless- binding,Multiple 3D front pockets with woven tab and Velcro closure,Reinforcement: woven A-shape construction at the inside,Zipper closure and Velcro straps,Looped tape at the front and back This mesh combines rigidity and flexibility. Fine yarns made in to thick cords create an open grid with extreme strength. Open structure,Body: 100% Polyester,Pockets: 100% Cotton
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